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Liberty Security Service, Inc. officers are professional, courteous and trustworthy, making them an invaluable resource in any security program. On-going Supervision and training sustain the traditional high standards and performance of our security officers. By maintaining on-the-job contact with our security officers, Liberty Field Security Supervisors are better able to monitor, more closely, the needs of our clients. This frequent on-site inspection often results in the interception and the resolve of life-safety and security related problems before they occur.



One of the most important elements of an effective contract Security programs is the supervision of the security officers.

On facilities requiring one officer per shift, Liberty Security Service, Inc. would assign a shift and/or site supervisor. Flow of information will be from the individual officer to site supervisor, to the Liberty Security Service, Inc. Director and the clients Security Representative.

As previously mentioned, an experienced team of office and field personnel, using technology, is in place to deploy and supervise our trained security officers.

Properly watching our officers with client needs in terms of personnel characteristics is a key goal of Liberty Security Service, Inc. Our schedule, are carefully briefed by operations managers on each client's requirements.

The Liberty Security Service, Inc. field supervisors are thoroughly briefed in all aspects of the client's security program and procedures. It is their responsibility to train the assigned officers, keep the standing operating manual up to date and report back into operations each time they visit a client facility.



Liberty Security Service, Inc. prides itself on anticipating and responding to our clients needs, from custom-designing your security program to meeting with you regularly.

Our Operations-Managers meet with each client monthly to review the total security program. These client conferences allow for ongoing evaluation of our services and for continuous updating of each client's Standing Operation Procedure.

Regular client conferences allow us to respond to issues immediately before major problems develop.

Liberty Security Service, Inc. has a total commitment to customer satisfaction that can be seen both in the extra effort we take to custom-design individual security programs and in the evaluation conferences we schedule regularly.

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